Cassalyn Sophia LaMont
Casey LaMont
Some attributes
First Name: Cassalyn "Casey"
Second Age: 16/17
Third Spouse: None
Other attributes
Fourth Children: Wyatt Layton, Lily Layton
Fifth Grandchildren: None
Sixth Looks: Blonde, Blue eyes, Light skin
Casey LaMont is the daughter of Erica and Kevin LaMont, sister of Alyssa Shultz and Ethan LaMont, aunt of Josh, Gabi and Liam and mother of Wyatt and Lily Layton.

Season 1Edit

Casey doesn't have much storylines in Season 1, we hardly seen her at all. But she lived with her mother Erica and father Kevin, sister Alyssa and brother Ethan and his fiancée Krista. When Alyssa became pregnant, she was very excited to meet her niece/nephew. She seemed a child with no worries and was always blissful. 

Season 2Edit

In Season 2, we first see her with Alyssa in Part 2. Alyssa tells her she feels so stressed and Casey tells her to do something about it. Casey is a teenager in "A New Chapter". Her boyfriend Adam is first seen in "Part 4" with Casey, looking after Josh while Alyssa and Josh go to a New Year's party. They have sex. Whenever

Casey, Adam, Lily and Wyatt [Teenaged A New Chapter: Part 17]

Nick graduates from college, they have a party at the LaMont household. Casey tells her best friend Skye, that ever since New Year, all Adam wanted to do was sleep with her. In Part 6, Casey is a bride's maid at Nick and Alyssa's wedding and she is seen there with Adam. In Part 8, Adam is abusive to Casey. Whenever Casey rejected a kiss, he gave her a black eye in the process. In Part 10, it's revealed Casey is pregnant with Adam's child. Her parents are distraught about her getting knocked up saying "She's not Alyssa, she won't handle this". They make Casey give the baby up for adoption. Shortly after Alyssa's miscarriage, Adam finds Casey in the park and asks her about the pregnancy and asks to see them before she gives them away. Casey often thought of that and wishes she could keep her baby. On Christmas, Alyssa notices Casey's stomach and asks if she is pregnant. Erica gets her and Casey into a guest room to talk about it, Alyssa is angered they didn't tell her. Soon after, Erica and Kevin find an adopting family for Casey's child. They say they tried to concieve for over a year but a specialist said the woman couldn't have children. Casey feels sorry but still

Casey LaMont as a kid [Teenaged Part 18]

feels she needs her child. Later, she talks to Alyssa about it. Alyssa tells her she shouldn't let their parents decide, it's hers. But then Casey loses it and says she's an outcast to the family and she doesn't have anyone. 

Then it is soon discovered Casey is going to have twins. Erica rushes to tell the adoption agency but Casey argues with her saying she wants to raise them and that Erica doesn't care about her. While visiting Skye, Skye reveals to Casey she is a lesbian and wants to be more than her friend. They have a fall out and Casey leaves. Due to all the stress, Casey runs away. The whole family search for her, even getting the police. Adam finds Casey about to board a train to New York City, he takes her home. Casey goes into labour and her mother takes her to the hospital. The nurse tells her she is officially in labour and that she will deliver that night. Petrified, Casey panics and confronts her mother while packing. Erica tells her everything will be alright. She heads to the hospital and waits patiently for her babies to be born. Adam arrives, wanting to see his children. Casey tells him he ruined her life and Adam responds with an apology. After hours of waiting, it was time to deliver. Adam stayed by Casey's side as she gave birth. Strongly, she gave birth to a baby girl. She suddenly passed out, and a nurse has to prep the OR. After moments, they get the baby boy out. 

After a while, Casey woke up to find her baby boy and girl. She hugged them and was glad they were safe. Erica takes a family photo with Casey, Adam and the babies in it. The whole family visits Casey and the twins in hospital. Alyssa tells her to make the right decision and what's the best for the babies. After everyone leaves, Casey's tutor Chase arrives and chats with Casey while meeting the twins. Soon Skye came and Chase left. Skye and Casey reconciled and she helped choose the names for the babies: Lily and Wyatt. Adam visits once again and chats with Casey about the adoption, telling her it'll be harder than he thought. 


Casey and Skye in Skye's daydream [Teenaged A New Chapter: Part 18]

Around the next day, Adam and Casey have another chat. Casey says she wishes she could freeze time and stay like this forever: Her, Adam and their children. Adam reassures her it'll be a good choice for the babies. When signing the paper for the adoption, Casey is unsure of what to do. In the next episode it is revealed that Casey signed the papers and that the adopting family haven't contacted them since the signing. While hanging out with Skye, Skye keeps seeing things of her and Casey together as a couple. Chase invites Casey to his dorm to meet his mates and to take her mind off things which she accepts. Distraught of not hearing of her children, Casey seeks information and contact but the agency tells her it is an Open Adoption, where it's legal to not contact. Casey rows with her mother about this ending up with her moving in with her older brother Ethan.

Casey hangs out with Chase and his pals and ditches Josh's birthday dinner to hang around with Chase. They hook up.