Ethan LaMont
Ethan LaMont [Season 2]
Some attributes
First Name: Ethan LaMont
Second Age: Mid 20s
Third Spouse: Krista LaMont
Other attributes
Fourth Children: Gabi, Liam
Fifth Grandchildren: None
Sixth Looks: Brown hair, blue eyes, light skin

Ethan LaMont is the father of Liam and Gabi, husband of Krista, brother of Alyssa and Casey, son of Erica and Kevin and uncle of Josh, Wyatt and Lily.

Season 1Edit

Ethan lived with his mother Erica, father Kevin and two sisters Alyssa and Casey. It is noted he got engaged at 20 to Krista, his girlfriend and college mate. It is also noted that in college he got the top-picked dorm and his college mate looks a lot like Casey's tutor in Season 2. He must have moved back in with his parents and brought Krista along. When he finds out his sister Alyssa is pregnant, he lets her and her boyfriend Nick move in to a new house with them. 

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