Gabi LaMont
Gabriella "Gabi" LaMont
Some attributes
First Name: Gabriella "Gabi" LaMont
Second Age: 2/3
Third Spouse: None
Other attributes
Fourth Children: None
Fifth Grandchildren: None
Sixth Looks: Brunette hair, blue eyes, light skin (Like a clone of Krista)
Gabriella "Gabi" LaMont is the daughter of Krista and Ethan, granddaughter of Erica, Kevin and Krista's mother, step-granddaughter of John, niece of AlyssaCasey, Kate and Ben, cousin of Josh, Wyatt and Lily and sister of Liam.

Season 1Edit

Gabi does not appear in Season 1. Although her parents move into their own house together with Alyssa and Nick and her cousin Josh is born and her brother Liam.

Season 2Edit

Gabi is seen being born in the first episode of A New Chapter, Ethan runs over to Alyssa and Nick telling them it's a girl. You often saw her in her mothers arms in the first episodes in Season 2. Her aunt Alyssa gets married to Nick Shultz

Gabi and her Aunt Casey [Teenaged A New Chapter Part 19]

and is seen in a picture with her brother Liam and cousin Josh. Krista usually mentions "The kids were awful" meaning Gabi and Liam wouldn't behave, this is true as when Krista gave Gabi food she threw it. Gabi comes with the LaMonts to the Shultz for a family Christmas. In Part 15, it is obvious it's Gabi's birthday as the birthday decorations are in Dora and Pink which means she turned 2. She received 2 new cousins in Part 16, as Casey gave birth to Lily and Wyatt which she gave to an adopting family. In the latest episode, her Aunt Casey is staying with Gabi's family due to an arguement with her mother Erica.