Karen Shultz
Karen Shultz
Some attributes
First Name: Karen Shultz
Second Age: Mid 40s or Early 50s
Third Spouse: Scott Shultz
Other attributes
Fourth Children: Samantha "Sam" Shultz (Deceased), Nicholas "Nick" Shultz, Skylar "Skye" Shultz
Fifth Grandchildren: Joshua "Josh" Shultz
Sixth Looks: Black hair, hazel eyes, light skin
 "We have more than one family heirloom. Skye has own that she'll get soon enough. This was meant for Sam specifically." -Karen on the family heirloom given to Alyssa [Teenaged A New Chapter Part 4]

Karen Shultz is the mother of Nick, Sam and Skye Shultz, wife of Scott Shultz, sister of Kim, mother-in-law of Alyssa and grandmother of Josh Shultz.

Season 1Edit

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Season 2Edit

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