"We may have met a little earlier, but that means I get to love you longer." - Nick Shultz to Josh Shultz [Teenaged]

Nicholas Shultz is the husband of Alyssa Shultz (né LaMont), father of Josh Shultz, son of Karen Shultz and Scott Shultz, brother of Skye and Sam Shultz, son-in-law of Erica and Kevin LaMont and brother-in-law of Ethan and Casey LaMont.

Nick Shultz
Nicholas "Nick" Shultz
Some attributes
First Name: Nicholas "Nick" Shultz
Second Age: 21/22
Third Spouse: Alyssa LaMont
Other attributes
Fourth Children: Josh Shultz, Miscarried Boy, Upcoming Child
Fifth Grandchildren: NONE
Sixth Looks: Black Hair, Blue Eyes, Light Skin

Season 1Edit

Nick lives with his parents Karen, and Scott, his sisters Sam and Skye and the family dog Shadow when Season 1 begins. He appears to have had a very good social life and relationship with his girlfriend Alyssa, Sam and best friend Steven. When he finds out that Alyssa is pregnant, he decides to stay with her. His parents, a bit disappointed, still support him, in contrast to Alyssa's parents. Alyssa's brother Ethan invites them to stay with him and his fiancée Krista, which they accept. As Alyssa goes through her first trimester, her and Nick start drifting apart.They do not talk much and both have busy schedules. When Alyssa is kicked out of school, he was outraged and they seemed to be happy with their current predicament. When they went to the ultrasound, they found out it was a boy (Nick wanted a son). When their old childhood friend, Ryan comes along, Alyssa and Nick seem to fall apart even more, most likely of the feelings Ryan has for Alyssa. When he went to one of Shannon Alton's parties with Steven, he gets drunk and ends up making out with Shannon. He stops, however, rememebering Alyssa and the baby. Jake, Shannon's boyfriend, appears and punches Nick, under the idea that the two slept together. The next day, rumours fly about, all about Nick and Shannon, which Ryan tells Alyssa. At first Alyssa doesn't believe it, but when Shannon comes over to their house, she kisses Nick and Alyssa witnesses it. Alyssa, distraught, runs away to a nearby park with Ryan is pursuit. Nick, ashamed of everything that has happened, goes to stay at his parents for a month. When Sam comes over for the weekend for the baby shower (which Nick didn't know about) she makes Nick come with her, where they get into a car crash. While Alyssa waits in the waiting room, Shannon arrives and apologizes to Alyssa, revealing that is was all her fault. Alyssa stays at the hospital for long periods of time, eating out of vending machines and sleeping on couches, not taking anyone's advice to stay healthy for the baby. A few days later, Sam dies and Nick wakes up from his coma. After his recovery, he meets Alyssa at the park to talk. During so, she goes into labor. They rush to the hospital where she gives birth to a baby boy which unfortunately is asthmatic and had trouble breathing at birth. He is put into an incubator, which Alyssa and Nick are upset by. It takes a while before Alyssa visits Josh (It was a name Sam had mentioned to Alyssa, so it was decided to be the baby's name in honor of Sam) but when she does, she and Nick visit everyday. After a few days, Josh is sent home. Before Krista and Ethan's wedding, Nick proposes to Alyssa at a park in which the two met in and she gladly accepts. They decide to wait to get married until Nick graduates from college. When Krista and Ethan get married, it's a cherished ceremony for everyone. Nick chooses Penn State college, which is far away. Alyssa wants him to stay and help raise Josh, but also wants him to study on his dreams. When he goes, he apologizes to a sleeping Alyssa and leaves, without her getting a real goodbye. When Alyssa finds him gone, she has an emotional breakdown and spends the day lying around, heartbroken. Much to Alyssa's shock (and the viewers), he returns and says he couldn't leave her. The two reunite and kiss, marking the end to season one.

Season 2Edit

Nick is in a college in town, where he meets Alex. They soon become friends and she offers him a job interview with her boss, in which he accepts. Due to Alyssa's growing depression of having to take care of her own son Josh and nephew Liam (Her brother Ethan and his wife Krista being busy with their newborn daughter, Gabbi), Nick arranges for them to live in an apartment. He goes to the  job interview where the boss tells Nick that his sister also became pregnant in her teens, with the guy leaving her and he appreciates that Nick stayed with Alyssa and took on the responsibility. He gives Nick the job (it mostly being illustrations for cd covers) and Nick races home to tell Alyssa. At a New Year's party at work, Nick and Alyssa reconcile with Ryan who came with Alex and is presumably dating her. As they sit outside talking, Alyssa and Ryan remember their childhood together and ending making out as New Years strikes. They both decide not to tell Alex or Nick about the kiss. As Alyssa prepares to start nursing school, she gets Josh in a local daycare, since no one can watch him. Soon after, Nick graduates from college and tells Josh: "I did it not just for me, for you, buddy!" 

Nick and Alyssa start preparing for their wedding, by taking dance classes, looking at flowers, testing cake, and Alyssa trying to find the perfect wedding dress. In the midst of all the preparations, Alyssa suddenly passes out in the middle of one of her workout sessions. In the hospital, the doctor informs them that Alyssa is at a dangerously low weight, assigning her a nutritionist. This tells us Alyssa has "Anorexia", but may not even know it yet. On the big day, Nick and Alyssa get married in a peaceful ceremony at a church. During the reception, Alyssa's grandmother privatley tells Nick something we do not see. He and Alyssa share a tender moment dancing in the courtyard. On their honeymoon, they swim and enjoy several beach activites and their relationship grows as a married couple. Nick brings up having another child, while Alyssa is hesitant to agree. When they arrive home, the secret from Alyssa's grandmother is that her family came together to buy Nick, Alyssa, and Josh a home. Alyssa is reluctant to accept it at first, but later formaly accepts it. 

A year later, Ethan and Krista move into a different house, Alex and Ryan become engaged when Alex becomes pregnant. They ask Nick and Alyssa to be the baby's godparents. Josh is now five years old and starts kindergarden. Alyssa starts to realize how fast Josh is growing up, contemplating having another child. Soon Alex gives birth to Harper. A drunken Alex confesses to Ryan that she saw him and Alyssa kiss, and runs to Nick's house to makeout with him. In time, the four slowly reconcile, remembering that this isn't the first time it has happened. It turns out Nick's sister-in-law, Casey, is pregnant by her abusive boyfriend Adam. Shortly after this, Alyssa also becomes pregnant. She is again warned about the baby's health due to her being underweight, but Alyssa doesn't heed the doctor's word and continues working out and eating little, eventually leading to a miscarriage. Alyssa falls into a deep depression so Nick's mother Karen comes to help Nick take care of Josh. She tries to talk to Alyssa, reminding her that she has a dead child too but she goes on with life because she has to. After a while, Alyssa is able to fight her depression and come back. During a family Christmas, Alyssa and Nick find out that Casey is pregnant which Alyssa is angered by (since she found out later). During a school trip with Josh, Josh has a severe asthma attack. Nick admits him to the hospital where Alyssa is working. Alyssa is frightened it'll happen again, but Nick reassures her that loads of people have it. Shortly after, Nick goes on a business trip but comes back for Valentine's Day for Alyssa, and they celebrate. Meanwhile, it is revealed (Before Valentines Day) that Nick's sister Skye is a lesbian. She kisses Casey, who is shocked and speechless. Casey runs away, hoping to go to New York to stay with her grandparents. It is known by this time thay Casey is carrying twins. She is found by Adam, but Alyssa is distraught becuase Nick apparently didn't help looking for Casey as much. However, it is a short lived fight. After Casey gives birth to the twins, Alyssa takes a pregnancy test when Nick catches her. They get into a fight when Nick is upset at it being negative while Alyssa cheers. It is revealed that Nick desperatly wants another child while Alyssa is to scared. Shortly after, they go for a night out with Ryan and Alex. 

Some time later, the anniversary of Sam's death arrives and it is a gloomy day for the Shultz family. Nick and Alyssa percieve at this time how much Josh resembles Sam. When Nick, Alyssa and Josh go to Harper's 1st birthday party, Alyssa and Josh fall while skating and are sent to the hospital. Alyssa is forced to take a pregnancy test before an x-ray and it is later shown that Alyssa is pregnant again, and naturally Nick is very excited. When Josh celebrates his 6th birthday, Nick and Alyssa give him a bicycle. Shannon and Nick have grown closer, much to Alyssa's annoyance, but the two seem like great friends. During the party, Alyssa refused Nick on the idea of announcing the pregnancy to the family. But later she opens up to Nick, telling him that due to the miscarriage, she is scared for this baby's health.