Sam Shultz
Sam (Samantha) Shultz
Some attributes
First Name: Samatha Shultz
Second Age: 18/19 (23/24 in present)
Third Spouse: None
Other attributes
Fourth Children: None
Fifth Grandchildren: None
Sixth Looks: Black hair, blue eyes, light skin, EMO style

Sam (Samantha) Shultz was the daughter of Karen and Scott Shultz, sister of Nick and Skye Shultz, deceased girlfriend of Steven and best friend of Alyssa Shultz. (né LaMont)

Season 1Edit

Sam lived with her mother Karen, father Scott, brother Nick and sister Skye. She also had a best friend Alyssa and a boyfriend Steven. She seemed to be very happy, jokey, tough and playful. Sam is the first person Alyssa told about her pregnancy. Sam gave her advice to tell Nick which she did and Nick wasn't too happy but stayed by Alyssa's side. Sam was around a year older than her brother, Alyssa and Steven but still liked to hang out with them. Early in Season 1, Sam heads off to college and leaves
Samshultz lifestages

Sam as an infact, child and teenager.

her family to the dorms. Alyssa feels as if there is no one left as Sam is the only person she could talk to about anything. She returns for Christmas in Part 6. Nick moans in his room about him and Alyssa drifting apart, and Sam confronts him about it. In Part 7, it seems Sam has stayed with the family for the holidays. She confronts Alyssa about her and Nick and the adoption. Sam returns again after Nick and Alyssa fall out after Shannon kissed Nick. She comes over for the weekend for the Baby Shower which Nick never knew about. Nick tags along where they get into a car crash. The driver dies straight away but Nick and Sam are left in critical condition. When Shannon apologizes and told Alyssa the truth about her kissing Nick, Alyssa goes to his side and doesn't leave him next to his bed in the hospital. Suddenly the heart beater buzzes and Sam dies. Flashbackes are shown of Sam's fun memories. It is noted that Sam

Sam Shultz [Teenaged Part 11]

had a very good social life and was funny, weird, loud-mouthed, outgoing and crazy.

Sam, Nick and Skye in a family potrait [Teenaged A New Chapter Part 18]

Season 2Edit

Due to Sam passing away, she isn't showed much in Season 2. The only memorable moments is in Part 4 of "A New Chapter" when Alyssa goes to Sam's grave and mourns. Another is Part 18, where the family have an emotional time on the 6th Anniversery of Sam's death, they eat "spetti noodles" (Josh's way of saying) on the day she died.