The Shultz Family
The shultz family
The Shultz family at Josh's 6th birthday. From left to right. Karen's father and mother, Nick, Josh, Karen, Scott and Skye.
Some attributes
First Members: Scott, Karen, Nick, Sam, Skye, Shadow (Dog), Josh, Alyssa, Karen's mom, Karen's dad, Scott's mom, Scott's dad, Kim
Second Lives: Goth mansion, Countryside, France, wedding gift home
Third Tragedies: Sam's death, Nick a teen parent, Skye homosexual
Other attributes
The Shultz family is one of the two main families in the hit series Teenaged. It consists of Scott, Karen, Nick, Sam, Skye, Karen's parents, Scott's parents, Shadow. It's latest members are Josh, Alyssa and Nick's son and Alyssa (married Nick).

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